Friday 26 May 2023

[26052023] لا يذوقها إلا من ذاقها

The phrase "لا يذوقها إلا من ذاقها" translates to "No one tastes it except the one who has tasted it." 

This proverb in Arabic is used to convey the idea that a person cannot fully understand or appreciate something unless they have experienced it themselves. It means that one needs to personally go through an experience in order to truly comprehend its value.

In a broader context, the phrase suggests that it is difficult for individuals to fully appreciate or understand the experiences of others unless they have lived through the same situation themselves. People may use this expression to remind themselves to be tolerant and understanding towards the experiences of others and not to pass judgment without having firsthand experience.

In general, the phrase emphasizes the importance of personal experience and firsthand knowledge in understanding and appreciating something.

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