Sunday 7 May 2023

[07052023] De Bono's Provocation Technique

De Bono's Provocation Technique

The Provocation technique is a thinking tool developed by Edward de Bono that is designed to encourage individuals to think outside the box and generate new and innovative ideas. The technique involves deliberately challenging assumptions and asking provocative questions to stimulate creative thinking.

The Provocation technique involves asking questions that are deliberately designed to challenge established thinking and stimulate new ideas. For example, rather than asking "How can we improve our product?", the Provocation technique might ask "How can we make our product so bad that no one would ever want it?" This provocative question challenges individuals to think about the problem in a completely new way and generate unconventional solutions.

The Provocation technique can be used in a variety of settings, including brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and problem-solving sessions. By asking provocative questions, individuals are encouraged to think beyond their usual assumptions and consider new and unconventional solutions to problems.

The Provocation technique is particularly useful for individuals who are stuck in established patterns of thinking and are struggling to generate new ideas. By deliberately challenging assumptions and asking provocative questions, the technique can help to break down mental barriers and stimulate new thinking.

Overall, the Provocation technique is a powerful tool for encouraging creative thinking and generating new and innovative ideas. By challenging established thinking and asking provocative questions, individuals can develop their creativity and become more effective problem-solvers.

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