Saturday 13 May 2023

[13052023] Small, Average & Great Minds!

Small, Average, Great Minds

"Small minds discuss other people": This part suggests that individuals with limited intellectual capacity tend to engage in gossip or conversations centered around discussing and critiquing other people. Their focus may be on trivial or personal matters, rather than deeper topics.

"Average minds discuss events": This line implies that individuals with a broader perspective and intellectual capacity are interested in discussing current events and occurrences in the world. They engage in conversations about news, societal issues, and happenings on a global scale.

"Great minds discuss ideas": The final part of the quote suggests that individuals with exceptional intellect and insight focus their discussions on abstract concepts, theories, and ideas. They delve into philosophical, scientific, or creative subjects, seeking to explore and understand complex concepts.

Overall, this quote highlights a progression from shallow conversations about people to more significant discussions about events and ultimately to the highest level of discourse involving ideas. It implies that the level of intellectual engagement and the depth of conversation can vary depending on the individuals involved.

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