Sunday 25 June 2023


Equality and equity are two concepts often used in discussions about fairness and justice. While they are related, they have distinct meanings and implications.

Equality refers to the state of being equal or having the same rights, opportunities, and treatment. It emphasizes the idea of treating everyone in the same way without discrimination or favoritism. The principle of equality promotes the notion that all individuals should have equal access to resources, opportunities, and privileges regardless of their differences or backgrounds.

Equity, on the other hand, takes into account the fact that people have different needs, circumstances, and levels of disadvantage. It recognizes that true fairness may require treating individuals differently based on their unique circumstances to achieve a more just outcome. Equity focuses on addressing systemic barriers and historical disadvantages by allocating resources and opportunities in a way that accounts for these differences, aiming to achieve a more level playing field.

To better understand the distinction, consider an example: There is a high wall that blocks people from watching a baseball game. Equality would involve giving everyone the same-sized box to stand on, regardless of their height. While this might seem fair, it doesn't consider that some individuals may still be unable to see over the wall due to their height. Equity, on the other hand, would involve giving taller individuals smaller boxes and shorter individuals taller boxes, thus ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to watch the game.

In summary, equality focuses on treating everyone the same, while equity recognizes and addresses the diverse needs and circumstances of individuals to achieve a more just outcome. Both concepts are important in promoting fairness and justice, but they may be applied differently depending on the context and the specific goals being pursued.

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