Sunday, 11 June 2023


10 & 11 June 2023 Satun Riverside Resort, Ma Nang, Thailand

Pre-Trip Thursday 08.06.2023
1559 Whatsapp Pn Murni (T-Hotel Changlun) +60 13-474 7155 to prepare car insurance, Thai Immi TM2&TM3 and white card (Thai Immi TM6) for each family member.
1615 Purchase of Etiqa Travel Takaful 360
1730 Leisure drive to Murni's to collect documents & assess exchange rates.

Pre-Trip Friday 09.06.2023
0800 UTC to renew my Passport and get Muhyi his own Malaysia Passport

1030 Uncle Lim +60 12-480 3188 to prepare Muhyi's white card.
1730 Changlun to exchange MYR to Bht. The rate was Bht7.48 to RM1.

Day One 10.06.2023
0800 (GMT+8) Depart Arau for breakfast
0845 Rendezvous point at Dataran Lestari, Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis.
0900 Depart to the Malaysia-Thailand Border of Wang Kelian.

0930 (GMT+7) Arrived at Pekan Cina Satun to purchase BBQ produce, fish, seafood and meat.
11.30 Arrived at Satun Riverside Resort. Lunch, accommodation, brief rest and leisure and most importantly Jamak&Qasar Zohor and Asar.
1400 Depart for rafting start point.

1430 Water confidence, kayak and the action begin.

1745 Arrived... Finally ^_^

1815 Rest, leisure and prepare for BBQ Dinner
1900 Dinner, speeches, reflections and karaoke.

2200 Retire for the night.

Day Two 11.06.2023
0700 Breakfast

0800 Checkout and depart for Satun Nat (Day Merkat)
0930 Arrived at Satun town
1000 Depart for the Malaysia-Thailand Border of Wang Prachan

1300 (GMT+8) Alhamdulillah, arrived HSH...

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