Friday 2 June 2023

[02062023] Small coins make noise, big notes always silent


Combining the concept of "small coins make noise, big notes always silent" with humility emphasizes the importance of remaining humble despite one's accomplishments or success.

The saying implies that those who are truly successful and wealthy not only refrain from boasting but also display humility in their actions and interactions with others. They recognize that their achievements are not a reason to elevate themselves above others or to treat others with arrogance. Instead, they choose to remain grounded, approachable, and respectful toward everyone they encounter.

By incorporating humility into the equation, the saying suggests that true success and wealth should be accompanied by a sense of modesty and a genuine understanding that every individual has value, regardless of their achievements or social standing. It highlights the idea that one's character and how one treats others are more important than any external displays of wealth or accomplishment.

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