Thursday 20 July 2023

[20072023] Tellers vs Doers

In the realm of leadership, two important facets often emerge: "telling" and "doing." While some individuals may excel at communicating their ideas and intentions, they may struggle to back them up with action. On the other hand, some leaders are highly skilled at executing tasks but fall short in effectively conveying their vision. However, the truly remarkable leaders possess the ability to strike a difference between just telling and just doing, embracing the power of both realms. In this blog, we will explore the significance of finding the right balance between these two aspects and the impact it can have on leadership effectiveness.

The Limitations of Just Telling:
Leaders who are proficient in the art of telling have a knack for verbal communication. They can inspire, motivate, and express their ideas with clarity. However, relying solely on telling can have its limitations. Merely conveying expectations and goals without taking action can be seen as empty rhetoric. Team members may perceive it as a lack of authenticity, resulting in reduced trust and motivation. To truly influence and inspire, leaders must bridge the gap between words and action.

The Pitfalls of Just Doing:
On the other end of the spectrum, leaders who excel solely in doing possess impressive execution skills. They lead by example, work diligently, and consistently achieve results. However, if their actions are not effectively communicated, their efforts may go unnoticed or be misinterpreted. A lack of clear communication can lead to confusion, missed opportunities for collaboration, and a disconnect between the leader's intentions and the team's understanding. To maximize their impact, leaders must complement their actions with effective storytelling.

The Power of Telling and Doing Together:
Remarkable leaders understand that the power lies in the integration of telling and doing. By effectively communicating their vision, goals, and expectations (telling), and then demonstrating those values and commitments through action (doing), they create a powerful synergy.

In the realm of leadership, the ability to strike a balance between telling and doing is a powerful attribute. Leaders who possess this skill can effectively communicate their vision, expectations, and goals while backing them up with action. By integrating the power of telling and doing, remarkable leaders inspire trust, foster engagement, promote collaboration, and build a culture of accountability. Strive to be a leader who not only communicates effectively but also leads by example, for it is in this balance that true leadership greatness lies.

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