Thursday 30 March 2023


Beginning with kindness is a great way to approach interactions with others, and it can often lead to positive outcomes for everyone involved. When we show kindness to others, we demonstrate that we care about their well-being and that we are willing to extend ourselves to help them.

If we receive kindness in return, it can create a positive cycle where both parties continue to treat each other with kindness and respect. This can lead to stronger relationships, greater trust, and more opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.

However, even if we don't receive kindness in return, we haven't lost anything by being kind. In fact, we can still benefit from having acted with kindness, as it can help us feel good about ourselves and reinforce our own values and beliefs. Additionally, showing kindness in the face of hostility or negativity can sometimes defuse a tense situation and turn it into a more positive interaction.

Ultimately, the decision to be kind to others is a personal one, and there are many factors that may influence our choices. However, by prioritizing kindness in our interactions with others, we can create a more positive and compassionate world for everyone.

Being kind to unkind people can be especially challenging, but it's important to remember that everyone has their own struggles and challenges. By responding with kindness instead of anger or negativity, we can potentially help them work through their difficulties and show them a better way to interact with others.

Ultimately, we may not always receive kindness in return, but that doesn't diminish the importance of kindness itself. As you said, Allah (swt) is Most Kind and Most Generous, and our actions should be guided by His example.

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