Thursday, 19 March 2015

Too Hard Trying

Overtrying to impress!

Trying too hard to make it easy for everybody else!

One thing for sure, GIVING UP was and is never an option.

Sometimes we NEED to lay back, take a break, digest everything calmly and reflect on all that we have acheived.

Good deeds will always be misinterprated by the hard-harted. No matter how hard we try.

Be more flexible. Put trust in others. Be vigilant and empower all that needs be.

The notion of 'if you want to do things right, do it yourself' to me is a quick excuse of getting oneself on a fast track to heart-ache. Literally.

Nobody's perfect.

Besides, if things doesn't go much as planned, then there are more people to share the fault with.


Wallhu A'lam!