Saturday, 28 December 2013

قالوا هذا سحر مبين

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Interesting! Interesting!

I was reciting the Quran (as-Saff) just now.

Was it unplanned coincidence or just the way Allah SWT comforts those that has faith in Him!


Yesterday I lernt  that somebody accused me of withchcraft. Of Sihir. Fitnah because this was said behind my back.
That was the joke of the week.

Just because I demanded truth. I demanded proof and evidence towards baseless accusations.

I debated with these people, I presented overwhelming proof beyond any reasonable doubt. I recited versus of the Quran. I quoted al-hadeeth as-syarif. I speak aloud of truth and just.

As-Saff  (61:1-14)

And yet, some are just plain arrogant (takbur and riya') of money, position and influence. They choose to ignore proofs and prefers accusations, gossips, hearsays, feelings, aura and cosmos!

It has been prooven again and again throughout history of such people.

Al-A'araf (7:179)
(We have prepared Jahannam (hell). Many of its inhibitants are of jinns and humans. They have hearts but they refuse to acknowledge, they have eyes but they refuse to see, they have ears but they refuse to hear. These people are like sheep but they are even more disillusioned, more lost. These are the ARROGANTS)

I pray to Allah. Please sheild us from impurities and malice intentions.
Let the truth prevails!

Wallahu A'lam.