Thursday, 26 September 2013

Communication! Assumption!


Ceria! Ceria! Ceria!

Almost neglected this blog of mine but someting / somebody reminded me about this today.

I was praised for my good English, Alhamdulillah!
I was praised for being and Ustaz and people tend to listen to me more than anybody else, Subhanallah!
I was recognised as an IT Guru / Grandmaster who can covertly access other people's emails and PCs remotely and grab / delete / manipulate information. MasyaAllah!

Two things that enliven my day today and motivated me to udate this almost 2 month droughted blog.
1. Commnunication! Lack of it leads to assumptions!
2. Assumptions! To many of this leads to misconception, thus acting unjustly towards others!

Well, I've written so many times about this. I've quoted al-Hujurat 10, 11, 12 and 13 about it. I've written about assumptions and belitteling others. I've recited related surahs during my Friday prayers and Maghrib Isyas...

It is a good thing that somebody else mentioned to me about the 'Communication' and 'Assumptions'
Lets walk the TALK!

Wallahu a'lam!