Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kick Cat Theory

Recalled an interesting lecture by my Pedagogy Lecturer (1997, Maktab Perguruan Islam Bangi) on 'Kick Cat' or 'Sepak Kucing'

How we loved our cat. Played with it. Took very-very good care of it. Thus the love is returned by the cat. Each and every day the cat will wait for us to open the door expecting love and tenderness and eagerly waiting to return the love.

Day in and day out, the same routine.

Except for one special day. Instead of getting picked up, played and loved, the master just KICKED it without reason, absent the usual love, the routine gentleness.

The 'Kick Cat' Theory! The 'Displacement' Theory!
Inability to place the correct anger or praise to the correctly deserving.

Something to ponder!

Wallahu a'lam.