Saturday, 15 September 2012

Over Protective! Over Posessive!

Please wiki the two terms!

Is Al-Quran only for Muslims? Or is it for all mankind?

Is Islam only for a certain race? Just for Malays? Just for Arabs? Or even just for Muslims? Or Islam is for all mankind?

If prophet Muhammad PBUH kept Al-Quran and kept Islam for himself, for sure Muslims wouldn't represent 2.1billion of the the Earth's population (

During Hijjul Wida', The Prophet PBUH delivered his last sermon at Arafah. We know at Arafah there are nobody other than only Muslims can set foot there. But The Prophet PBUH started his sermon with 'Ya Ayyuhan Nas!'.

Muhammad PBUH started the speech with 'O! People!'

NOT 'Ya Ayyuhal Mu'minun'
Neither 'O! Mu'mins' nor 'O! Muslims'

His speech was to spread to everyone, everywhere, throughout all eternity!

Wallahu A'lam!