Alhamdulillah! Day 42! Rain!

Xmau berebut dengan anak2 (Building anak2's owh study station)

Zakat Fitrah 1441H/2020M


1 Ramadan 1441H

Moonsighting Ramadan 1441 (moonsighting vs moonfighting)

Display Extended!

Assignment 4 submission. Marking end of A192. Mixed feelings 😔... #mayAllahease


AfL: monitoring and scaffolding

Sardine Roll! PKP!

Working from home! My webex, teams, meet setup!

Long hair is the 'new norm'?

When the going gets tough...

Webex + Dolgano

We will win this

Repeat order

#day22mco [Unboxing a Memory]

Tak pandai tak pa. Jangan memandai.