Friday, 26 April 2013

Q-Time Bersama Keluarga

The term of Q-Time itself defines the activity for Thursday's ANZAC Day, 25.04.2013!
Spending time with 'Family' and 'Closest of Friends'

Praise be to Allah SWT for all the chances and opportunities granted!
Quality time spent! Brief but worth every second!
Worth blogging about this day's Q-Time!
Skills practised!
Patience tested!
Conversations shared!
Lagends reliven!
Experience kicked in!
Plans executed!
Issues listened and solved!
Overdue procrastinations completed!

Started the day after Fajr Prayers. Concluded at 10.00pm. Love every second of it. Worth every cent spent.

1. Really miss and enjoy the toilet stops for myself and the kids. How this strenghten parent-child relationship. Diper-change, toilet stops. Comparing myself (six-strong experience) to new parents. Can't help overhearing inexperience parents (mat salleh) toilet-conversing with their child. Many conversed with love and patience, but regretably some conversed/actioned with inexperience, harsh and inpatient.

2. Witnessing the kids growing-up before your very eyes, gaining new confidence and skills, pacticing new courage overcoming fear, becoming more assertive and speaking up their minds.
:Amsyar climbed on of the enclosures, confusing the fauna inside of who's spectating who. Petting the koala, emu, wombat and roos. Staring the koala in the eyes reminding who's the boss.
:Aiham hand-fed the kangaroos, handled snake and being more photogenic than ever.
:Muhyi realising more and more that he is the big brother now. Teaching the skills and know-hows to his two little brothers.
:Muiz more attentive to details. Reminding and teaching his dad what should never be forgotten.
:Ain strapping, unstrapping Aiham in his childseat. Assisting and being very motherly and very sisterly like but maintaining cool and humble. Abah noticed it Ain. :-)
:Aimin. Wow! Being more and more abah-like. Enjoyed the talk on Transformers, Legends of Temasik and Swordfish, independence and slavery, defence and education, dependent and independent. Asking for simple and plain but getting over-complex (guitar and electric guitar). Planning, executing and evaluating. Intelligence.

3. Identifying and discriminating the Urgent and the Important. Able to identify and setting priorities.
Urgent and Important like Solat! Remember to always perform solat!
Urgent but not Important.
Not urgent but Important.
Not urgent and not Important. Why the fuss? Why prolonging? Why wasting time, money and effort?

4. Intelligence. Skills.
Failing to PLAN is actually planning to FAIL!
Remember Hang Nadim! Remember 'Temasek and Todak'

5. Envy and jellousy.
Remember the war horse! For envy and jellousy slowly eats-up the sound heart like the flames eat-up firewoods

6. Legends, Myths and History are recorded and retold not to bring us down or to plan us for the better.

Wallahu A'lam.

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Love the write up. Can feel your love to you children and family :-D. Wow!