Sunday, 28 April 2013


of The Unknown!
to simply step outside of our comfort zone!
to venture to where no man has gone before!

I WAS taught to fear the unknown,
I WAS told to hate someone or something I never even met,
I WAS warned not to even think of venturing to where no man has even been before!

we KNOW that seeking the truth is ones duty and ones obligation,
we KNOW that passing judgemet without proof is a GRAVE sin,
we KNOW that the ability to make choices and evaluate situations with clear guidelines of HALAL and HARAM is a gift granted upon humans,
we KNOW that traveling the road less taken promises adventure, new friends, new ideas, new ways and means to gain betterment of oneself...

staying in ones' comfort zone is so confortable,
listening to gossip and hearsays are just too easy,
spreading BAD news and exposing one's AIB are just too entertaining,
passing false judgement and being unjust to someone or something we never even met are 'easy path' to gain popularity,
repeating what our predecesessors and what the masses do and believe are just too effortless, elementry and painless...

there's nothing wrong with seeking comfort, ease, entertainmment, popularity with less effort and without hardship

becoming the agent of change that sets everything back on the right path is MUCH more rewarding
becoming the one who exposes the truth rather than lies is MUCH an easier way to be popular
putting faith in Allah and Rasul rather than blindly follow MISTAKES of our predecessors are just so JUST and FAIR!

BE the better person
BEGIN with kindness

Wallahu A'lam

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