Monday, 11 June 2012

Liquid Paper 'Correction Fluid'

I am allergic to liquid paper. I am against it.

This allergy applies to a broader perspective of life.

Making a mistake, drawing an incorrect line or writing an incorrect character can easily be corrected by a rubber eraser if you use pencils or a 'liquid paper' if you use permanent ink.

We were tought to learn by mistakes. Wow! Some mistakes are just so hard to overcome. Even with tons of 'liquid paper', you still cannot sweep these mistakes under the carpet.

That is why I am against 'liquid paper'. When I saw my students use them, I'd get very furious.

I didn't only teach them dirty and untidy exercise books, but I tought them that is how your future will look like!

The best way to correct mistakes on their exercise book is by striking the word with one line. Then write the correct word next to it.

Life lesson!
1. Live by your mistake! Digest it!
2. Remember you mistakes and learn by them!
3. Be careful of what you do! Consider all concequences, possibilities and risks. Plan in advance! Set your goals!
4. No way that you can go back in time! No way that you can sweep your mistakes under the carpet!
5. Everybody makes mistakes! That is why we were created as humans and not angels!
6. Find the best way to correct you mistakes!
7. Love and cherish those that sincerely held your hand through all your predicament.
8. Repent / taubat! In time, the community will understand and Allah promised to accept dua of those who asks fot it.

والله اعلم


Anonymous said...

: D


what a nice metaphor....Liquid Paper and our own life experiences. Another great post from you Ustaz. Keep it up. Salam.

alia rujhan said...

Fantastic piece!

I'm never disappointed when I visit your blog after so long; soo many wonderful pieces that always leave me to ponder before I sleep.

Keep on writing, Ustaz!

Mohon share :)