Monday, 25 June 2012

السفر ميزان السفر

As-safaru, Mizanu s-Safri

'A Travel Will Show The Travellers' True Colours'

Do you remember the story of the 2 travellers and the bear?

So nice, so good and so friendlike friends. But one day, in their travel, they came across a bear. Oh no, what to do? This 1st friend jumps and climbs up a tree. Saving his own dear self and forgetting all about his friend. Leaving his friend alone to face the bear. To face the problem.

This intelligent and highly sourceful friend 'played dead'. And eventually, the bear just left him alone. Problem solved.

When everything calms down, when everything is safe and sound, this 1st friend climbed down the tree smiling, praising his friend of the wit and cleverness of solving the bear issue.

Acting as though nothing had happen, as though the friendship is just as before!

Contrary to the first scenario of 'the coward and the witty', a travel will also reveal true friends.

Friends that views not just the visible what was in front of him, but looks and evaluate beyond that further.

Friends that cherish the similarities and tolerates and respects differences. No taboo, nothing sensitivity.

Friends 'fi sarra'ie and darra'ie' (friends in good and bad, in sickness and in health), berat sama dijinjing dan ringan sama dipikul.

That's why the past ulama's travel.
Seeking for the truth and seeking true friends!

والله اعلم

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This is true Ustaz. Sometimes when you travel together the true colors of your friend/s will reveal. I had a few experiences regarding this travelling together scenario. 1 of them turned sad but that's life. Friend in need is a friend indeed. Cheers.