Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Siapa Makan Cili, Dialah Terasa Pedas

Siapa Makan Cili, Dialah Terasa Pedas

My blogs are NOT meant for one individual or one person in particular. somebody approached me and said that my writings are meant to ATTACK one person.

Please note that some of my posts are supported with Versus from the Quran. Same i quoted Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Some even with famous speeches from Companions Radiallhu anhum ajmaeen. Some are proverbs, sayings and poems of our forefarthers.

This is a tazkirah for myself and to whom ever chose to read it.

Please refrain yourselves from thinking that al-Quran and al-Hadeeth are meant for one person's personal tazkirah. Famous speeches, proverbs, sayings and poems are meand for one individual/society.

al-Quran, al-Hadeeth are left for us as a guide should we were ever got misguided (by other people of by ourselves). Meant to be our light should we ever stumble upon darkness. Meant to be salvation should we ever bacame astray from the right path.


The above Hadeeth mentioned that: "I leave you with two things that by obaying the two, you shall never go astray: Allah's Book and My Hadeeth"

I am so honoured when I was approached and mentioned by this person that my writhings are meant for him/her.

My writings are meant for one person AND they are also meant for everyone.

They are meant for you and they are meant for me TOO.

Please pray and repent to Allah always with Astaghafirullah!
Please be amaze with Allah's creations by saying MasyaAllah and Subhanallah!
Please be thankful to Allah by saying Alhamdulillah!
Please declare Allah as one God by Lailahaillallah!
Please acknowledge Allah's greatness with Allahu Akbar!

والله اعلم



Salam Ustaz. Well said. Alhamdulillah :-D

Anonymous said...

Very nice to read your blog, our Prophet sallehala is for all mankind not for one race, and his hadeeth is for every mankind only if they understand Quran and Sunnah. JazzakAllah Khair
Ali Usman