Friday, 6 January 2012

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities

Quoted from Uncle Ben in The Spider-man Movie.

If you missuse the power for evil than you become a villain
And of course if used for good, we are all spider-mans, we are all heros.

You cannot wear both masks!
You cannot become a hero one day and a villain the next!
Crossing the thin line between hero and villain comes with extreme cots to bear.

Having power doesn't give you permission to use it as you wish. Sometimes keeping it safe without using, hails you more of a hero.

In Islam, there is 'rukhsah' or permission. We do not utilise all of these rukhsah even though we are allowed / permitted or 'harus' to do it.

For example, harus for us to perform 'jamak' and 'qasar' if we 'musafir'. But not all of us choose to perform 'jamak' and 'qasar'

Another example is, harus for us to break-fast if we 'musafir' or do hard labour.

Yet another example is aurat. The aurat between a male and female sibling is navel to knee. But tell me, how many of females out there wear only a towel around her waist infront of her brother while exposing other part of her body?

These three examples show how Islam is 'giving' or 'permitting' but the actual act of 'doing' or utilising these 'rukhsah' is another matter. The power is in your hands but actually using it is a different matter all togather.

When to use.

I remember 2002. During my days as a secondary school hostel warden. It was a brand new hostel. The design and architecture were state of the art at that time. But of course new building comes with its flaws and misfits.

Yes. I had to deal with water disruptions, bathroom leaks, constant electrical trips, burst pipes, loose screws, roofs, misinstalled door knobs etc.

Come on, these were state of the art buildings.

Reports upon reports were submitted to the authorities. To JKR and Department of Education.

At that time also, there were soccer projects' students studying at the school. A project in collaboration between His Royal Highness Crown Prince and Ken Barnes of England.

Naughty of me, I just hinted the students to mention these flaws to His Royal Highness.

Well, you know what happens next. The Director of DoE came to inspect, and even the main contractors and JKR.
Believe it or not, admitting it or denying, whether we are in Malaysia or elsewhere, the world moves by the phrase of 'WHO you know and not WHAT you know'.

Even if you know many things good or bad. Even if you are a PhD holder with experties others don't understand. Be prepared to endure red tapes and protocols just to express your intentions.

Compulsary for you to know the WHO on top of the WHAT.

Now I know how Peter Parker feels. I can now relate to both Peter Parker and Spiderman. Dr Octopus, The Sandman and The Green Goblin as well.

The pressure they must have endured. The agony of posessing such power.
Prayers be to Allah to guide us always with when to utilise these powers and when not to.

Prayers be to Allah who granted us such power to do just to all and be heros and not villains.

Prayers be to Allah to hinder us from temptations and wrong doings thus not to be unjust and 'zalim' to others.

الراشي والمرتشي في النار
الفتنة اكبر من القتل

والله اعلم



Well said Ustaz. Very deep meaning. Keep up your good writing.

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