Friday, 13 January 2012

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

In our era of Google, Wikipaedia, Facebook, Twitter, blog, sms and the www, the above 'pen' is just getting mightier and mightier. The 'pen' is getting sharper and sharper.

I remember the spread of 'rumours/fitnah' via sms regarding Gardenia Bread and usage of pork lard. Also the news spread of pig intestine used for sausages. Even Ramli Burger and Saudi products.

Everytime I received these sms' 'that even ORDERED us to forward it to everyone', I just replied it back to the sender requesting facts and figures. I tell the sender to reply the same thing to the person who sent it in the first place. Hopefully my sms would reach the original source. Hopefully I became the one who broke the chain of rumors and 'fitnah'.

Free 'sawab', free pahala' :-)

The age old proverb, poem and sayings. Still relevant till this day.

Nowadays, the requirements of authentication is more crucial than ever. Not only authenticating the news but also the bearer of the news.

Please digest Surah Hujurat Verse 6

سلامة الانسان في حفظ اللسان
الكلام فضة والسكوت ذهب

Definition for fasiq:
Fasiq is an Arabic term referring to someone who violates Islamic law. However, it is usually reserved to describe someone guilty of openly and flagrantly violating Islamic law and/or someone whose moral character is corrupt...

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Subhanallah,thank you Ustaz.