Friday, 20 January 2012

If it is not broken, do not fix it!

1. If you upgrade or modify for the better, that would be one thing. If you downgrade or take out the engine all togather, cripple a fine working system, then that just doesn't make sense.

2. Fine tune, upgrade, polish and well maintain are all, in my view, that are needed to ensure continuity and consistency of an already well functioning, well running system.

3. Denying that would be like insisting a rose to blossom into tulip. Or raising a sheep to become a cow. Plain impossible, against what nature intended and a clear waste of effort, time and money.

4. Fixing something that is not broken is just the same as not fixing what is broken. One thing for sure, both only do more harm than good.

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والله اعلم

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Some people thought they know everything....that's the problem. Also, they forgot to LISTEN to others.